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Data.org is a platform for partnerships to build the field of data science for social impact. 

Data science is being used to bring products and services to market that are profoundly affecting our world. Yet, too many mission-driven organizations lack the know-how and tools to harness the power of data. 

Talented data scientists want to help, yet many organizations are not equipped to integrate their expertise into their decision-making. Tools and data exist, but too often they’re not designed for non-profit and public sector needs. We have the building blocks—but to succeed at scale, we need to create better connections between data resources and those on the front lines of social impact. 

That’s where data.org comes in. We are focused on building capacity with training resources and access to data sets, and open-source tools to realize the potential for data-driven insights to solve some of society’s biggest challenges, all while adhering to principles of responsible data use.

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The data.org Challenge

We recognize that transformative change can happen only by tapping into the expertise of a broad pool of thinkers and doers. Data.org will be launching a new $10 million impact challenge to crowdsource scalable and sustainable data science solutions for non-profit, civic, and government organizations.  

Challenge terms and conditions will be available in March 2020.

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Stories of impact

Innovators in the field are using data science to help solve complex societal challenges. Predictive analytics are helping educators reduce college dropout rates. Data visualizations are being used by local leaders to fight homelessness. Artificial intelligence is helping connect struggling families to benefits and services.

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The history of data.org

With data.org, we are building on a rich history of data and technology for social good led by the groundbreaking work of the ONE Campaign.

 The original DATA.org launched in 2001 when a group of innovative social entrepreneurs, together with anti-poverty advocates and philanthropist and rockstar Bono committed to alleviating debt, AIDS, and trade inequalities in Africa. In what ultimately became the ONE Campaign, they galvanized support for poverty alleviation by focusing on data-driven, evidence-based approaches to development.

 Inspired by their achievements, we are re-launching data.org as a platform for partnerships to build the field of data science for social impact.


The new data.org platform and data.org Challenge were launched by:

Other partners include Benefits Data Trust, Community Solutions, DataKind, and Tableau Foundation

Join the movement. Interested in partnering to accelerate the use of data science for social impact? Contact us at info@data.org

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