Fundación Capital – Use of Business Intelligence for Informal Workers

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Fundacion Capital
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Fundación Capital

UX (Mozambican tech startup); Data Elevates (US social enterprise – data analytics)


In Mozambique, 96% of all workers are employed in the informal sector, facing higher poverty rates, economic insecurity, and fewer opportunities for economic advancement. To increase opportunities for informal workers, UX launched Biscate, a not-for-profit digital job platform where workers can advertise their profession, experience, and location, and potential clients can browse services, contact workers, and leave ratings. 

To increase this platform’s impact, Fundación Capital and UX seek to use data mining, visualization techniques, and a machine learning-powered recommendation system to deliver real-time labor market insights directly to informal workers. This project could have a significant impact on the economic well-being of the vast majority of workers in Mozambique by increasing their job opportunities and potential income.