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About the Assessment launched the Data Maturity Assessment (DMA) to enable better benchmarking of the social impact sector, help organizations prioritize which areas of data maturity need investment, and enable self-service connections to tools and resources that help with the transformation needed to become a “Data Led” organization. The tool was built from extensive research and in consultation with social impact organizations tackling these topics. The assessment takes about 12 minutes to complete and delivers a clear results summary to inspire discussion and inform action. 

In addition to providing a snapshot of data maturity, we matched your assessment results to materials in our Resource Library. These customized recommendations provide informative and actionable next steps for your organization to consider. While we include resources from a range of social and private sector organizations, we remain agnostic on software and methodologies.


The DMA provides a framework for assessing organizational data maturity within three categories.

How data-driven is your organization’s strategy? 

Strategy is about how your organization uses data to define goals, make decisions, measure success, and identify areas for change.

How much does your organization apply data to better understand different areas of work, across programs and internal operations? 

Application is about whether your organization uses data to better understand different areas of work, including program evaluation, market research, organizational efficiency, and more. 

What types of data analysis techniques does your organization take advantage of? 

Analysis is about your organization’s ability to use data to understand the past, predict the future, compile information across data sources, make decisions, and automate processes.