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data.org seeks to democratize and reimagine the use of data science to tackle society’s greatest challenges and improve lives across the globe. Our current initiatives aim to advance inclusive growth, build capacity, mitigate and adapt to climate change and fight pandemics.

Our Mission

data.org envisions a world that uses the power of data science to tackle society’s greatest challenges and improve lives across the globe. Launched by, and in close partnership with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and The Rockefeller Foundation, data.org serves as a platform for partnerships committed to engaging thinkers, doers, funders, researchers, capacity builders, and dreamers to work together to build the field of data science for social impact.

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Our Partners

data.org is a fiscally sponsored project of New Venture Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity, launched by Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth and The Rockefeller Foundation.

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Building, supporting, and empowering interdisciplinary teams is a commitment to a mindset. A mindset that we honor the hard work of our colleagues to date, while taking advantage of new tools to innovate and build better ways of solving old problems.

ginger-zielinskie Ginger Zielinskie Chief Strategy Officer data.org

Who we are

Our Team

Our team is based all over the world, and brings global perspectives forged in academia, technology, philanthropy, and the social impact sector.

Gigi Ghanim

Operations Manager


Gigi Ghanim is the Operations Manager at data.org where she oversees systems, planning, reporting and financial management for the organization.

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Lindsey Gottschalk

Manager, Strategic Partnerships


As Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Lindsey Gottschalk works at the intersection of strategy and operations to strengthen the collaboration among partners and scope and implement new initiatives. Lindsey brings over a decade of experience in public health, healthcare, and health tech research, program implementation, and advocacy in the US and…

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Priyank Hirani

Program Lead, Capacity Accelerator Network


As the Program Manager for the Capacity Accelerator Network, Priyank strategizes and implements initiatives to democratize data skills and enable social impact organizations to be data-driven.

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David Mascarina is the Digital Content Lead for data.org where he is responsible for developing and stewarding a content strategy for the data.org platform, and bring creative ideas for envisioning, creating, and managing the development of content.

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Danil Mikhailov is the Executive Director of data.org. He has over 20 years of experience setting up multiple start-ups and leading work across a range of diverse sectors, always investigating and innovating in the space where technology, culture, and society converge.

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Jake Porway loves seeing the good values in bad data. As a frustrated corporate data scientist, Porway co-founded DataKind, a nonprofit that harnesses the power of Data Science and AI in the service of humanity by providing pro bono data science services to mission-driven organizations.

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Nichole Verga

Communications Manager


Nichole Verga is the Communications Manager at data.org. She is responsible for innovating and managing data.org’s digital platforms and events.

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Ginger Zielinskie is Chief Strategy Officer of data.org, where she works to bring the power of data science to the world’s most challenging social problems. With over twenty years of experience, Ginger serves as an action-oriented executive leader focused on building strong partnerships to achieve systematic and meaningful change.

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We work with organizations from all over the world to increase the use of data science in order to improve the lives of millions of people.

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