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Avanzando con la AI (or “Moving Forward with AI”)


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Data Elevates 


CDI Chile 

About the Solution

Since the crisis in Venezuela began over a decade ago, an estimated 500,000 people have fled to Chile, which has the third-largest number of Venezuelan migrants in the region. Despite Venezuelan migrant women’s capabilities and education, they face barriers to employment, including xenophobia from employers, sexism in the workplace, and a widening of the gender digital divide – particularly in the tech industry. This is exacerbated by a wage gap of domestic workers earning on average about 30% more than Venezuelan migrants with similar levels of education and experience.

Data Elevates and their key partner CDI Chile, are launching a generative AI education-to-employment program to unlock financial opportunities and economic potential for Venezuelan migrant women in Chile. This program expands on three years of success training Venezuelan migrant women in data use skills to create “Avanzando con la AI,” or “Moving Forward with AI,” a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on generative AI. Combining flexible course facilitation with live employment training and networking events, Data Elevates and CDI Chile will connect course participants to employers seeking generative AI expertise. Beyond this cohort, the program will expand through a MOOC designed for Spanish-speaking populations that can be replicated throughout the region for sustainable impact.

Leading with Localism

This program, aimed at empowering Venezuelan migrant women with generative AI education and employment opportunities, is tailor-made to address the specific needs and challenges of the course participants. As migrant women often shoulder the responsibilities of providing and caretaking for their families, “Avanzando con la AI,” or “Moving Forward with AI,” provides recorded session content and asynchronous learning options, ensuring participants have scheduling flexibility. Additionally, the trainers are Venezuelan migrants and bring an additional layer of local context and real-world experience to the training and introductions to the Chilean job market, further enriching the learning experience.

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