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Generative AI Skills Challenge

The Challenge

Empowering organizations with generative AI

A global grant for organizations training and upskilling teams on generative AI to drive social impact.

The Challenge application has closed.
Finalists will be contacted in September 2023.



About the Challenge, with support from Microsoft, is launching the Generative AI Skills Challenge, a global grant for organizations to help train and upskill teams on generative AI to drive social impact. With a particular focus on fair and community-led integration in low- and middle-income countries and contexts (LMICs), the Challenge aims to accelerate digital inclusion, socioeconomic mobility, and skills advancement and acquisition for workers from historically marginalized populations around the world.

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Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize how we tackle global challenges thanks to its unparalleled ability to scale — but only if applied with awareness of its limitations and a strong emphasis on community-led solutions informed by local context.

Danil-Mikhailov Danil Mikhailov, Ph.D. Executive Director

Challenge Judges

Skill Development Industry Leaders

We gathered prominent industry experts on social sector skill development and the impact of new technologies, such as generative AI, to review Challenge applications.

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Challenge Rules

Great Ideas Wanted

Were looking for organizations with innovative training techniques in generative AI for social impact. Eligible applicants include nonprofits, social enterprises, and academic/research institutions from across the globe.

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Responsible AI

Our Design Philosophy

A foundational objective of the Challenge is to ensure that AI responsibly serves the public good. The Challenge Design Philosophy outlines the key considerations used to guide the application design and selection judging processes of the Challenge.

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