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The awardees of the Generative AI Skills Challenge are delivering the potential of generative AI skilling and training to accelerate digital inclusion, create economic opportunities, and empower workers across the globe. Selected from a pool of nearly 600 applications across 93 countries, the five awardees showcase the incredible breadth and promise of generative AI skilling to drive social impact across sectors, serving workers in healthcare, education, small businesses, and workforce development.

A common thread that unites these organizations—based in India, Nigeria, Greece, Chile, and the United States—is their emphasis on localism. The awardees’ community-led solutions tailored to specific local populations are paramount to the success of each initiative and ensuring that AI responsibly serves the public good. Awardee examples include diversifying datasets to include local languages, tapping into traditionally overlooked groups to participate in upskilling, and designing generative AI applications based on the needs of local populations. Furthermore, each awardee’s commitment to scalable and sustainable generative AI skilling positions them to drive significant and lasting social impact and workforce advancements after the grant period has ended.


Data Elevates

Avanzando con la AI (or “Moving Forward with AI”)

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Global Integrated Education Volunteers Association (GIEVA)

Enhancing Women-Led Businesses in Nigeria through Sales-AI Capacities and Infrastructure 

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United States of America

Mississippi AI Collaborative

Develop an ecosystem AI in the state of Mississippi

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The Myna Mahila Foundation

Empowering Women’s Healthcare Through Generative AI: Building an AI-Powered Healthcare Workforce in India’s Urban Slums 

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The Tipping Point

Τhe GenAI Education Frontier: Turning Educators in Remote Areas into Agents of Change 

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Responsible AI

Our Design Philosophy

A foundational objective of the Challenge is to ensure that AI responsibly serves the public good. The Challenge Design Philosophy outlines the key considerations used to guide the application design and selection judging processes of the Challenge.

Our Design Philosophy