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Myna Mahila Foundation 

Empowering Women's Healthcare Through Generative AI: Building an AI-Powered Healthcare Workforce in India's Urban Slums

Myna Mahila Foundation

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Myna Mahila Foundation 


About the Solution

With India’s female labor force participation at 33%, women in India remain disproportionately underrepresented, particularly in the middle-skilled segment. Despite educational achievements, these women struggle to find employment that matches their qualifications. Barriers to digital literacy, access to technology, gender norms, and limited job opportunities exacerbate this workforce gap.

The Myna Mahila Foundation (Myna) targets these structural gaps by upskilling women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and facilitating their entry into the workforce. Through this initiative, local women, known as “RANI” workers (which translates to “queen” in Hindi), will be trained in generative AI to power a text-based AI platform designed to dispel misconceptions about women’s sexual and reproductive health. Given the sensitive nature of healthcare, Myna is careful to establish a feedback loop process that includes RANI workers’ community knowledge and empathetic responses backed by doctors and medical professionals to ensure that the AI generated solutions accurately combat misconceptions.

Leading with Localism

This solution, crafted by and for women, is deeply rooted in an intimate understanding of the community’s norms, complexities, and needs. Myna’s approach brings a critical cultural context that enables the AI solution to navigate the stigmas in topics like sexual and reproductive health, providing unbiased and digestible information that is vetted by doctors. With localism at the core of the generative AI skilling and the AI user platform, the human feedback loop underscores the importance of firsthand knowledge of the community’s needs, resulting in continuous improvement, ongoing relevance, an empathetic approach, and accurate information. Furthermore, the local languages, dialects, and slang used in this AI platform not only provide easier community adoption but also innovate beyond English-centric large language model understanding.

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