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Our Community

The Epiverse community is an inclusive and interdisciplinary global network of epidemiologists, methodologists, mathematical modelers, and software developers at all skill levels. Community members span academia, industry, and national and international public health agencies. The goals of the community are to co-produce effective epidemic response pipelines, and in parallel, build the capacity of our community and the field of outbreak analytics.

Epiverse TRACE community core values

  1. Inclusion – ensuring that our community spaces are inclusive and welcoming to all.
  2. Sustainability of the ecosystem beyond the project’s grand-funded lifetime.
  3. Reciprocity – operating from a stance of give and take.
  4. Practicality of Epiverse TRACE tools and materials for end users – both in terms of usefulness and usability.
  5. Quality within the code development process.
  6. Timeliness of the tools developed (e.g., on a regular basis).
  7. Accountability to our community, our funders and each other.
  8. Environmentally conscious – taking steps as a project to minimise the negative consequences of our actions on the climate.

We’re evolving in an increasingly data-driven world. And since critical decisions are taken based on results produced by data scientists and data analysts, they need to be able to trust the tools they use.

Hugo Gruson Hugo Gruson, Ph.D. Lead Software Architect

Building Together

Building Together is a series of stories about’s global collaborative, Epiverse, showcasing diverse perspectives on building a trustworthy data ecosystem for anticipating, identifying, and preventing future public health crises.