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Epiverse TRACE

Epiverse TRACE is a suite of trustworthy open-source epidemiological software and tools accessible to users across sectors for rapid, robust, and reproducible policy-relevant modeling. Built by an inclusive community of contributors, Epiverse TRACE tools aim to offer safe and accessible entry points and powerful features for growth, integration, and interoperability with software in and outside of Epiverse.

This software ecosystem will address critical gaps in current infectious disease preparedness and response solutions in developing new and expanding on existing software. Our library of R Packages, tools and supporting documentation is hosted on GitHub, and available for download, continuous integration, testing, and community collaboration.

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Developing an R Package to Connect Outbreak Analysis Tools

Epiverse joins forces with GOARN and WHO in the collaborative project Go.Data to address this challenge.

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R Packages

These packages include tools for outbreak analytics pipelines to epidemiological parameters for infectious diseases developed by the Epiverse TRACE software development community.

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This is a unique opportunity for truly scalable and sustainable epidemic analysis – it will change the way data tackles global challenges.

Dr. Adam Kucharski Dr. Adam Kucharski Professor London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Epiverse Community Onboarding Survey

To maximize the impact of the tools and resources being developed, we want to hear from our community. The Epiverse Community Onboarding Survey will help us better understand our members’ needs across academia, public health ministries, governments, social impact organizations, and beyond. The survey should take between 5-10 minutes to complete and all questions are optional, answer only what feels relevant.