Epiverse: Distributed Pandemic Tools Program

We are launching a global consortium to design and build open software tools enabling privacy-preserving distributed analysis of data to power pandemic response.



COVID-19 exposed major gaps in our collective ability to aggregate and use data to prevent, detect, and respond to a pandemic.’s “Epiverse” platform addresses these gaps by bringing together researchers, government, tech/cloud computing companies, social impact organizations, and funders in order to build, deploy, and scale innovative solutions. By unlocking insights in non-traditional data, new privacy-preserving distributed tools have potential beyond epidemiology to broader social challenges.

Epiverse powers interdisciplinary collaboration and each individual’s progress, insight, and implementation benefit the collective, leveling the playing field and giving all a practical chance against this pandemic and the next public health crisis.

Ibrahim-Mahgoub Ibrahim Mahgoub Program Director, Epiverse

Areas of Focus

While the initial use cases focus on mitigating COVID-19 and other pandemics, Epiverse will be a public good built with the broader aim of transforming the distributed analytics commons and supporting use cases across the social impact sector.

Develop Software and Tools

Identifying and funding top teams, including those in low and middle income countries (LMICs), to build a suite of generalizable open-source epidemiological software and tools, and developing long-term sustainability plans with this community-of-practice, in order to allow for rapid, robust, and reproducible policy-relevant modelling far into the future.

Thought Leadership

Striking New Ground in Colombia

On this World Health Day, I am taking stock of the past couple of years and what is needed to enable greater progress across the social impact sector.

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Epiverse Expert Advisory Council

The global Epiverse consortium is dedicated to designing and building inclusive, open-source, privacy-preserving tools for the epidemiology community aimed at mitigating the impact of the current pandemic and preventing the next public health crisis.

Chapin Flynn

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Partnerships

Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

Chapin Flynn is a Senior Vice President in Mastercard Enterprise Partnerships. In that role, he is responsible for building enterprise-level partnerships that deliver growth with new revenue streams and reduce costs by driving operational efficiencies.

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Dr. Uyi Stewart

Executive Director, Data Science – Technical Operations and Process Sciences (TOPS)

Seagen, Inc.

Uyi Stewart is the head of Data Science, Technical Operations, Seagen Inc., USA, focusing on the digitalization of biologics data to accelerate the development of transformative cancer drugs.

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Kaitlin Thaney

Executive Director

Invest in Open Infrastructure

Kaitlin Thaney is the Executive Director of Invest in Open Infrastructure, a nonprofit initiative designed to enable durable, scalable, and long-lasting open scientific and scholarly infrastructure to emerge, thrive, and deliver its benefits on a global scale. 

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This is a unique opportunity for truly scalable and sustainable epidemic analysis – it will change the way data tackles global challenges.

Dr. Adam Kucharski Dr. Adam Kucharski Associate Professor London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
People wearing face protection while going to their workplace in Bangkok at morning rush hour.

In the News

This is How We Outrun the Next Pandemic

The 2021 G7 Summit hosted by the UK at Carbis Bay set an ambitious target of 100 days for diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines to respond to future pandemics.

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