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The Global Epidemic Response of the Future


Epiverse is a global collaborative working to develop a trustworthy data analysis ecosystem dedicated to getting ahead of the next public health crisis. Infectious diseases recognize no borders – our initiative meets the challenge with a system of standardized, easily accessible epidemiological software tools in the global fight for public health.  

With support from The Rockefeller Foundation and Wellcome, and together with our community of experts, Epiverse is empowering academia, governments, multilateral organizations, and others with open-source, privacy-preserving tools to derive new insights from data. A commitment to equitable, inclusive co-creation is at the heart of Epiverse’s vision to anticipate, identify, and prevent future health and social challenges.

Epiverse powers interdisciplinary collaboration and each individual’s progress, insight, and implementation benefit the collective, leveling the playing field and giving all a practical chance against this pandemic and the next public health crisis.

Ibrahim-Mahgoub Ibrahim Mahgoub Program Director, Epiverse

A Path to Preparedness 

Centered around Digital Development Principles, Epiverse is creating digital public goods, the infrastructure, and the capacity to effectively develop and deploy open-source software solutions in the regions most impacted by health inequities. Through its three key pillars, Epiverse is empowering the epidemiology community to solve real-world problems.

  1. Epiverse TRACE – a digital public good of interoperable software and tools that will globally transform epidemic response  
  1. Epiverse BUILD – opportunities for inclusive, interdisciplinary co-creation and design on some of the field’s biggest challenges and inhibitors of progress  
  1. Epiverse CONNECT – the global community sustaining the data-driven technology committed to innovation and global health equity  

We need solutions built on the knowledge and capabilities of those most at-risk of bearing the burden of inequities in global health.

Catalina-Gonzalez-Uribe-Directora-de-Internacionalizacion Catalina González-Uribe, MA, MSc., Ph.D. Director of Internationalization at the Vice Presidency of Research and Creation and Associate Professor at the School of Medicine Universidad de los Andes (Uniandes)