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Generative AI Skills Challenge

The Challenge

Strengthening the workforce with generative AI

A global grant for organizations training and upskilling individuals on generative AI to drive social impact


About the Challenge

The Generative AI Skills Challenge issued a call for best-in-class organizations training and upskilling teams on generative AI to drive social impact and advance socioeconomic mobility.

The Challenge sought out fair and community-led integration in low- and middle-income countries and contexts (LMICs), in order to accelerate digital inclusion and skills advancement and acquisition for workers from historically marginalized populations around the world. With support from Microsoft and, the Challenge provides funding and technical assistance to awardees to build and scale their programs.


Meet the Generative AI Skills Challenge Awardees

Selected from a pool of nearly 600 applications across 93 countries, the five awardees showcase the incredible breadth and promise of generative AI skilling to drive social impact across sectors, serving workers in healthcare, education, small businesses, and workforce development.

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Data Elevates

Data Elevates and their partner CDI Chile are launching a generative AI education-to-employment program to unlock financial opportunities and economic potential for Venezuelan migrant women in Chile through a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) and live employment training and networking.

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Global Integrated Education Volunteers Association (GIEVA)

The Global Integrated Education Volunteers Association’s (GIEVA) project goal is to bring women entrepreneurs in northern Nigeria into the digital economy. GIEVA will train and upskill women entrepreneurs on the use of generative AI capabilities to create digital livelihoods.

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United States of America

Mississippi AI Collaborative

Mississippi AI Collaborative is a multi-stakeholder project—spanning across K-12 public schools, higher education, non-traditional education platforms, and small businesses —to develop an ecosystem of leveraging AI in the state of Mississippi.

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Myna Mahila Foundation


Myna Mahila Foundation

The Myna Mahila Foundation is training local women, known as RANI workers, in generative AI to power a text-based AI platform designed to dispel misconceptions about women’s sexual and reproductive health.

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The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point aims to empower educators to become agents of change through generative AI skilling. This project will provide training, curated prompt libraries, and a generative AI-based app for enhanced mentoring to educators in remote settings in Greece.

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The impact that these innovative projects will have on our global workforce is significant. Through our shared commitment to educating and empowering industry professionals with the skills to leverage generative AI, we are going to shape the future of data for social impact and its power to transform communities.

Danil-Mikhailov Danil Mikhailov, Ph.D. Executive Director

Challenge Judges

Skill Development Industry Leaders

We gathered prominent industry experts on social sector skill development and the impact of new technologies, such as generative AI, to review Challenge applications.

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Responsible AI

Our Design Philosophy

A foundational objective of the Challenge is to ensure that AI responsibly serves the public good. The Challenge Design Philosophy outlines the key considerations used to guide the application design and selection judging processes of the Challenge.

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