Organization Type

Social Impact Organization


United States

Health Leads is a nonprofit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, fueled by a vision of health, dignity, and well-being for every person in every community. Heath Leads partners with local organizations to bring together services, treatments, technology, data, and resources in new ways to achieve the health goals that matter most to that community.

Healthcare – access to insurance, tests, doctors, and treatment – is only one of many systems that impact our health. Housing, environment, food, education, and other essential resources are just as critical. For more than 20 years, Health Leads has worked to connect communities to essential health resources like food, heat, and housing. Today, the organization consults and innovates with community organizations – public health, local and state government bodies, local funders, local providers, health systems, and service providers – to repair and reshape the systems that dictate health and well-being.