Chisenga Muyoya

Ph.D. Candidate and Co-Director & Research Partner at GeDIA

University of Sheffield

Chisenga Muyoya is a proactive leader with a deep passion for social change. She is an experienced software programmer and a multidisciplinary ICT for Development researcher. She co-founded Asikana Network in Zambia, a social enterprise that increases the participation of women and girls in technology. Asikana Network holds free training sessions for young women in marketable skills like mobile app programming and web development skills as well as video production and editing using innovative and experimental teaching methods. In a country where negative perceptions of women’s capabilities are rife, Chisenga purposefully uses technology as a tool to challenge cultural gender norms.

She holds a BSc in Computing and a Masters in ICT for Development (University of London) which was awarded a distinction and an academic prize for research on gender and technology. She is currently a Commonwealth PhD Scholar researching feminist approaches to data science at the University of Sheffield. Named one of the top 30 young women leaders in Africa, Chisenga is a Mandela Washington Fellow, MILEAD Fellow, Global Shaper, Vital Voices Fellow, Chevening Scholar, TOYP Honouree and continuously demonstrates a strong commitment to service through her activism, volunteer work and research.