Chonnettia Jones, Ph.D.

Chonnettia Jones, Ph.D.

President and Executive Director

Addgene, Inc.

Chonnettia is President and Executive Director at Addgene, a non-profit biorepository whose mission is to accelerate research and discovery by improving access to high-quality research materials and information to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Chonnettia has previously held leadership roles in mission-oriented foundations in Canada, UK/Europe and the US. As Vice President, Research at Michael Smith Health Research BC, she directed the organization’s research strategy, funding initiatives and partnerships to maximize British Columbia’s investments in health research. As a member of the executive leadership team at The Wellcome Trust in London, she provided strategic and organizational leadership to evaluate the impact of Wellcome’s funding and initiatives in global health research. At the Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, she managed an international program that developed innovative tools for scientific research.

Chonnettia serves on international advisory boards on science and technology, scholarly publishing, open science, and responsible research assessment.

Chonnettia holds a Ph.D. in developmental biology from Emory University.