Geoff Stead

Chief Product Officer


Geoff Stead is the Chief Product Officer for MyTutor, the UK’s leading online platform for one-to-one learning. He was previously the Chief Product Officer at Babbel, the No.1 destination for language learners. As CPO, he shaped and led the digital ecosystem of language learning experiences, building the learning tools that make a difference for millions of language learners.

Prior to joining Babbel in Berlin, Geoff formed and led digital learning innovation teams in the UK and US. The team won multiple industry awards for their use of emerging learning technologies including building one of the first enterprise mobile app stores and over 40 enterprise learning apps. His portfolio includes immersive (VR, 360) video for training simulations, social gaming, massive online courses (MOOCs), enterprise app stores, AR apps (augmented reality) and gamified learning.