Jean-Louis Ecochard

Jean-Louis Ecochard

Global Head of Innovation, Senior Director of The Center for the Digital Nonprofit


Jean-Louis grew up in France at the onset of the digital age and found in technology the vehicle to quickly convert his ideas into new ways of working that transformed our world. His incessant curiosity led him to pioneer many technologies that we now take for granted: online banking, caller ID, internet access, global systems, B2B, digital trading, video conferencing, online advertising, and eHealth.

Jean-Louis spent the last 15 years giving back by accelerating the mission of The Nature Conservancy, transforming it into a cloud-based digital NGO and inventing breakthrough technologies to save our oceans.

Jean-Louis now serves with NetHope’s The Center of the Digital Nonprofit, an accelerator and the center of excellence for digital transformation in nonprofits.

He resides virtually on the Internet @jecochard and physically in New Zealand where he lives sustainably with his wife and daughters, blending roles of husband, dad and systems visionary.