Jennifer Pratt Miles


Meridian Institute

Jennifer Pratt Miles is Partner and Practice Director based in Meridian’s Dillon, CO office. She has led a number of projects working to improve health and nutrition, ecosystem restoration, and community resilience. A highlight of her time at has been working with the African Union Commission, Tanzanian government, Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology, and other stakeholders to assess aflatoxin prevalence in Tanzania and develop an action plan to mitigate its effects on agriculture, health, and trade.

Jennifer has 19 years of experience designing collaborative processes, as well as facilitating discussions to develop solutions to complex problems. Prior to joining Meridian, she led a Healthy Communities Initiative in Summit County, CO and managed a diversion program for youth in Colorado’s Fifth Judicial District.

Jennifer lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her husband and two sons. If she could, she would ski every weekend. When the snow has melted, she enjoys bicycling, hiking, and gardening. Jennifer is passionate about helping people value and understand different perspectives and experiences; she tries to engage voices that are missing from conversations about her local school and community.