Dr. Miguel Luengo-Oroz

Founder and CEO


Dr. Miguel Luengo-Oroz is the founder and executive director of the social enterprise Spotlab, an AI factory for medical image analysis. Miguel was the Senior Advisor on Frontier Technologies at United Nations Global Pulse, the  UN Secretary-General’s innovation lab. Previously, as Chief Data Scientist, he has been responsible for UN Global Pulse’s technology strategy and head of the data science teams across the network of Pulse labs. Over the last decade, Miguel has built multidisciplinary teams to bring data to operations and policy in poverty reduction, food security, refugees & migrants, human rights, privacy, gender, hate speech, epidemics, infodemics, and climate change.

He is also a professor at the doctoral school of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid. Miguel has written about the solidarity principle in AI and serves on multiple international advisory boards around responsible AI.

He received the Ashoka fellowship, MIT TR35, and the European Responsible Research and Innovation award. He holds a Ph.D. and MSc.Eng from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and a MSc from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales de Paris.