Tithee Mukhopadhyay

Deputy Executive Director

The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)

Tithee Mukhopadhyay works closely with the Executive Director and the senior leadership team to set the direction of J-PAL South Asia across several dimensions, with the goal to accelerate the organization’s growth. She also leads the SA research team’s efforts to create the critical infrastructure for randomized evaluations conducted by researchers and partners in India as well as provides advisory and strategic direction for Worldwide Research and J-PAL initiatives that improve the quality and effectiveness of randomized evaluations. Tithee has worked across multiple evaluations in gender, financial inclusion, social networks, labor markets, agriculture and health.

Prior to J-PAL, Tithee was a Women and Public Policy Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School. She is deeply interested in decision sciences and network economics. She holds a master’s degree in Global Development Economics from Boston University.