How can governments and the social sector work better together for data and AI implementation? What are the hallmarks to watch out for in a successful collaboration?

Answered on: April 4, 2024
Answered by:
David Bray David Bray, Ph.D. Loomis Council Co-Chair & Distinguished Fellow The Stimson Center

It’s essential we shift the conversation from too much hype or fear to actually working through the operationalization of people-centered approaches to data and AI, including the design principles of deep learning and strategies for managing rapid change in an ever-changing technological landscape. We must also find a way to balance existing civic institutions with what might need to be new forms of networked collaborations necessary to work across communities and geographies on these issues. There are pressing issues that need to be addressed for companies and communities in the months ahead. It could be that such moments finally create the imperative to work together (vs. ignore) on these deeper, collaborative issues. I certainly hope so.

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