Secure Private Data Stored and Accessed in the Cloud

This resource includes a process and considerations for organizations to follow to securely store data on cloud-based servers.


Securing data, devices, and tools is paramount for protecting user privacy and ensuring that organizational data is not compromised. In addition, national and international regulations for data security and privacy — particularly around health infrastructure and personally identifiable information — are an increasingly important consideration for many organizations. These regulations include the African Union Convention on Cyber Security and Personal Data Protection, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Privacy Framework.

A hosting service provides cloud computing that stores and processes end-user data while delivering data management services over the internet. Cloud storage reduces the financial and human resources needed within organizations to back up data and maintain server access.

This resource outlines steps to promote modern and robust front-end security when using third-party cloud services. Combined with the extensive security protocols implemented by cloud service providers, these practices yield an additional layer of protection for private data.

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