Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Inclusion Challenge Q&A

June 24, 2024 9am ET / 3pm CET / 9pm SGT

Calling all Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Inclusion Challenge applicants! Join’s Lindsey Gottschalk on Monday, June 24, for a Challenge Q&A event. In this hour-long session, the host will deliver an overview of the AI2AI Challenge, provide insight into the application and review process, address frequently asked questions, and take live Q&A from the audience. Participants are encouraged to submit questions to ahead of this event.  

About the Challenge  

The Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Inclusion Challenge (AI2AI Challenge) is a global call for existing innovative AI solutions seeking scale to accelerate inclusion and economic empowerment. With the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, there is a pressing need to ensure that AI solutions advance inclusive economic growth, promote inclusion, and address inequalities for individuals and communities. With the launch of this challenge, and the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, with regional support from Dasra, aim to foster applications focused on inclusive growth that are climate-aware, gender-equitable, racially sensitive, and locally informed, all while focusing on responsible AI principles and practices.