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November 2, 20214:15am ET / 8:15am GMT



Open Data Institute (ODI)


Danil Mikhailov at 2021 Open Data Institute Summit

November 2, 2021 4:15am ET / 8:15am GMT

The 2021 ODI Summit explores the relationship between people and data. In this fireside chat moderated by Lisa Allen, Head of Consultancy for Data Programmes at ODI, panelists will explore the changing role of organizations in a world transformed by data. Our views of the role of data, and of the responsibility of organizations to collect, safeguard, and learn from it, have changed significantly in the past two years. During this time, we’ve seen data used by organizations to: 

  • Offer insights to the progress of a global pandemic 
  • Optimize supply chains inside and outside the health sector 
  • Illuminate and mitigate climate effects and the progress towards net-zero

The huge responsibilities borne by organizations for managing all types of data have been profoundly felt — for many, this is new territory, one that’s just beginning to establish governance norms. This panel will explore ways we enable organizations – including private sector actors, social impact organizations, and governments – to make sense of their new role in looking after the data without losing track of the people they serve.