Data 101: Discussing Open Source Data, Overlooked Data, and the Ethics of Data

July 8, 2020 12pm ET

Many mission-driven organizations understand the power of data science, but they’re often stymied by a lack of data, unsure of where to look to obtain the right data, or confused as to the limitations and ethical considerations of launching a data science project. This webinar is for every organization that wants to launch a data for good project. To execute and maintain a strong data science for good project, DataKind believes that selecting the data source and considering the ethical implications of the data science project go hand in hand.

In this webinar, DataKind shares possible data sources to consider using for your inclusive growth and recovery project, including open source and overlooked data. More importantly, DataKind walks attendees through the ethical considerations of selecting data and data science solutions, and what the “risks of things going right” might be. We also dove into how to apply research ethics to your project and how to prevent unintentional harm to the communities you’re aiming to help.

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