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Copenhagen, Denmark
Multicolored houses along the canal in Nyhavn harbor, Copenhagen, Denmark

BUILD | Aalborg University


There is an increasing regional divide, as witnessed in Denmark just as in much of Europe and North America. As economic inequality between regions increases, this disparity leads to enhanced migration out of underserved communities. Those leaving these communities are more often highly educated, young adults, moving to large urban areas to pursue education and jobs. These persistent patterns of who leaves and who stays behind reinforce regional differences. As a result, underserved communities often struggle to ensure local public services and economic security.

BUILD will provide public authorities and decision-makers with tools to compare areas and identify those with less local economic opportunity. To spread the use of data-driven insights, they are building an interactive website containing key indicators of economic prosperity in any given area in Denmark. Indicators will include housing prices, human capital, local wage levels, transportation, migration rates, and local amenities. The website will feature interactive maps and infographics illustrating the key insights, and give an overview of the regional differences.