Organization Type

Multilateral Organization



The Development Data Partnership brings international organizations – including the World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and UNDP – together to facilitate collaboration with private sector companies for the public good.

The Partnership facilitates secure data sharing between companies and international organizations to design and implement new methods for improving public sector service and infrastructure delivery in emerging economies. Successful projects result in sustainably generated data goods and innovative methods to solve traditional development challenges.

Today, the Partnership has more than twenty data-sharing agreements with companies including Atlas AI, Carto, Cuebiq, ESA, ESRI, Facebook, Google, Indigo, Khalti, LinkedIn, Mapbox, Mapillary, Ola Cabs, Ookla, Orbital Insight, Premise, SpaceKnow,, Twitter, Unacast, Veraset, Waze, WhereIsMyTransport, and X-Mode.