Organization Type

Social Impact Organization



Parkers Mobile Clinic is a health organization that strengthens healthcare services delivery for vulnerable populations in Southern Nigeria through Partnerships with international NGOs, government, and innovative health delivery models.

Parkers Mobile Clinic seeks to solve the problem of poor accessibility to basic healthcare services among people living in remote and rural areas of Onitsha, Nigeria. Limited access to primary care represents the greatest healthcare needs of rural people. Approximately three-quarters of people in Onitsha (about 1 million people) lack affordable access to health facilities and medically skilled personnel. The problem is caused by the inadequacy of health workers in the community and by the scarcity of healthcare facilities in the community. With no health facilities, families living in remote rural communities face serious difficulty in conveying their sick relatives to hospitals in the cities due to difficult terrain and lack of routine transport services. As a result, hundreds of poor rural women and children in remote villages die every year because they are unable to access life-saving treatment.