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The Paul Ramsay Foundation supports charitable causes in Australia, with the aim of creating systemic change with significant impact. They are committed to identifying the root causes of disadvantage and implementing strategic solutions to empower our communities. The Foundation looks to forge long-term, collaborative partnerships and fund scalable projects to grow capacity and enable lasting change.

In 2021, the Paul Ramsay Foundation Award was granted to The University of Melbourne as part of the Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge. The University of Melbourne is working on a multi-pronged approach to support young people at risk of wage theft while also providing data for regulators, policymakers, and businesses to drive system change. The project draws upon cross-disciplinary expertise in labor law and regulation, digital design, information science, UX design, data analysis, and data ethics to design/develop three interlinked components: the Fair Day’s Work portal, a Wage Theft Database, and finally, a Wage Theft Prediction Tool.