Alex Fischer

Alex Fischer

Head Of Research

Paul Ramsay Foundation

As a member of the policy and engagement team at the Paul Ramsay Foundation, Alex Fischer leads programs related to thought leadership and strategic research to discover new ideas and integrate learnings into the Foundation’s projects and partnerships. He also works with a cross-Foundation team on the development of a Data Futures initiative. His work seeks to make cycles of advantage and disadvantage visible in new ways and to amplify the Foundation’s and our partners’ ideas of how to overcome complex barriers and enable greater opportunities.

Before joining the Foundation, Alex’s career evolved around the intersection of research and policy, building partnerships between government departments, United Nations agencies, private sector companies and interdisciplinary data initiatives. 

More recently, he worked with the Bangladesh government, UNICEF and the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment at the University of Oxford on new approaches to the institutional design of rural drinking water services. 

An interdisciplinary scholar, Alex holds a master’s in International Affairs from Columbia University and DPhil in Geography from the University of Oxford.

Alex was born in the foothills of the Green Mountains and has always been connected to water, both out of enjoyment and curiosity for how it sustains our society and the natural world.