Organization Type

Social Impact Organization



Solar Sister envisions a brighter world powered by women entrepreneurs. Solar Sister is the world’s first scalable, women-led renewable energy distribution model, delivering reliable, clean energy solutions to the most energy-poor and vulnerable communities. Their mission is to eradicate energy poverty through women’s sustainable energy entrepreneurship and climate change leadership. Solar Sister believes that everyone deserves clean energy, and knows that African women can transform their communities. 

In 2021, Solar Sister was named one of eight Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge awardees. To further support this network of women and expand their social enterprise, Solar Sister is launching Empowering Women Entrepreneurs with Data Science, a collaboration with Fraym. Through this partnership, Fraym supports Solar Sister with data science expertise – using predictive modeling, hyperlocal spatial layers, ensemble-based machine learning pipeline, and covariate matrix to train ML models – to provide insights on potential customers. Insights generated will help women entrepreneurs build tailored customer profiles for off-grid solar, better target their customers, and cater to their needs, growing and sustaining their renewable energy businesses. Leveraging data in this way will build healthy markets for renewable energy solutions by driving innovation and sales, in turn increasing community access to affordable and reliable energy, catalyzing socio-economic development, and improving community productivity and livelihood.