Christophe Bocquet

Christophe Bocquet

Associate Partner

Dalberg Data Insights (DDI)

At Dalberg Data Insights (DDI), Christophe Bocquet is an Associate Partner based out of Nairobi. He focuses on projects and initiatives that drive digital and data transformation in the private, public, and development sectors. His experience spans multiple areas including agriculture, public health, urban development, and employment, and he works predominately on the intersections among data governance, ethics, and innovation. In the digital agriculture space, his clients include Mitsui, CGIAR, One Acre Fund, FAO, AfDB, and several government Ministries on projects ranging from deploying a toolkit for investments in AgTech in Africa to developing an AI-based early warning system to designing a farmer data hub.

Examples of Christophe’s work in other sectors include: (i) the assistance of the Kenyan Ministry of ICT in tackling unemployment by building a digital labor market platform through human centered research with youth; (ii) the roll-out of a poverty model for the scaling of direct cash transfer programs in East Africa with GiveDirectly through telecom data analytics; and (iii) the co-creation of new data infrastructure which enables the continuity of essential health services during the COVID-19 pandemic with Ugandan Ministry of Health, UNICEF, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Prior to Dalberg, Christophe was a Product Manager of a big data solution designed for capital expenditure and asset management for mobile network operators. Christophe holds a Master’s in Engineering from the Catholic University of Louvain, with a concentration in Environmental Management.