Cormekki Whitley

Cormekki Whitley, Ph.D.

Chief Finance and Administration Officer

Cormekki Whitley is the Chief Finance and Administration Officer at As a member of the Executive team, Cormekki provides high-level fiscal oversight, oversees contract administration, and streamlines both in-house personnel and resource systems. She is also responsible for the direct management, supervision, and execution of’s operational activities, provide ongoing financial oversight over its core operational budget as well as programmatic activities and oversee contracting support for 

Cormekki was formerly at CLASP where she was the Interim Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, leading all aspects of CLASP’s internal management and operations. She also provided leadership on the organization’s racial equity agenda and represents CLASP to other organizations seeking to improve their commitment to racial equity. Prior to joining CLASP, Cormekki served as the Chief Operating Officer for a labor federation where she developed, executed, and provided leadership for all of the organization’s financial, operational, and human systems matters. Her prior experience includes financial and donor management for a large community foundation and experience in the financial services industry.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from North Carolina State University and advanced degrees from Meredith College and Northcentral University. She has a passion for understanding the mortgage markets and fair lending. Her published dissertation addressed the North Carolina predatory lending law and the availability of credit.