Diana Fajardo Pulido

Scientific Coordinator for Epiverse TRACE-LAC

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Javeriana)

Diana Fajardo Pulido is the Scientific Coordinator for the Epiverse TRACE-LAC program at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Diana is passionate about amplifying resilience in complex healthcare systems. She is an early career health services researcher (MIPH, MHM, UNSW in Australia; Epidemiologist, UR; Bachelor of Nursing, PUJ both in Colombia) working in world-class healthcare research institutes inspired my fascination for understanding system resilience, complexity science, and patient outcomes. Diana is excited about her collaborations with lead researchers in Australia and Europe exploring the delivery of healthcare services in at-risk or vulnerable populations. She believes that the foundation for improving public health is through rigorous research, at the same time, developing skills constantly and applying them in monitoring and evaluation of health interventions and developing data collection tools and analysis for qualitative and quantitative research methods to improve health systems through innovation. Diana values connections, integrity, creativity, and perseverance.