Ivana Feldfeber

Co-founder and Executive Directress


Ivana Feldfeber is a data feminist activist from Bariloche, Argentina. She is the co-founder and Executive Directress of the first Gender Data Observatory in Latin America, “DataGénero.” She is part of the Feminist AI network for Latin America, <f+AI+r>, and she was a team leader at the Center of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Policy (CAIDP), where she worked on analyzing different AI policies in her region. Ivana has been working as a programming and robotics instructor since 2017 and holds a postgraduate diploma in Data Science, Machine Learning, and its Applications from the Universidad de Córdoba, Argentina. In 2022 Ivana and her team were selected by A+ Alliance to research AI tools for Criminal Courts working with gender-based violence data in Argentina. She was recently featured in Vanity Fair as an ethical leader of the new generation. She was also a specialist speaker at UN’s CSW 68. With DataGénero, Ivana worked with several governments and companies to build inclusive data processes, train teams, write recommendations, and help decision-makers to create better data policies.