Naman Aggarwal


Omidyar Network India

Naman Aggarwal is a consultant with Omidyar Network India, where he leads the for-profit and non-profit investments in the Digital Society Initiative. Naman invests in think tanks, and research organizations, along with privacy-tech and cybersecurity startups. Previously, Naman has worked with Access Now as its Global Digital Identity Lead and Asia Pacific Policy Counsel. He developed and led the #WhyID Community. Naman has also worked as a lawyer with Nishith Desai Associates in India where he worked with major technology companies, delivering advice and representations on public policy developments along with doing equity and commercial transactions for these companies. He also started Crux, a new media channel, to deliver technology, policy, and business news to millennials via short-form videos and podcasts. It is a labor of love, which he hopes to continue.