Gender Data and Climate 

This playbook is a guide to understanding how climate change affects the lives of different genders and seeks to provide practical tools to address these issues. This playbook aims to empower individuals, communities, and policymakers with the knowledge and resources needed to create more equitable and sustainable solutions for a better future.

mix race girls crowd standing together female empowerment movement women’s community concept


Ivana Feldfeber, Mailén García, Rocío Palacín, Yasmín Quiroga, and Carolina Glasserman Apicella

Explore this Playbook

This playbook is designed to be both a cohesive journey and a series of self-contained chapters, ensuring that you can explore it in a way that suits your preferences. You can follow the chapters in a logical sequence, allowing you to build a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between climate and gender. Alternatively, if you’re looking for specific information or resources on a particular aspect, each chapter stands on its own, providing focused insights and resources.

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