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June 16, 202112pm ET



Pew Research Center


Predicting 2030: What’s Next for Ethical AI

June 16, 2021 12pm ET

Today, AI is emerging everywhere: facial recognition software, pandemic outbreak intelligence and mitigation, access to credit, and health condition detection are just a few examples. As these technologies grow and develop, will we as a society be able to build consensus on what constitutes Ethical AI, and create regulatory practices and new norms? And beyond that, how can we assimilate the best of AI and mitigate the potential ill effects of this technology?

Pew Research Center and data.org held a webinar to launch the new Pew Research Center report, Ethical AI Design In the Next Decade. In this session, Lee Rainie, Director of Internet and Technology Research at Pew Research Center, will reveal highlights from a canvassing of over 600 technology innovators and developers, business and policy leaders, researchers and activists. data.org executive director Danil Mikhailov will lead a discussion among a panel of experts and explore what can be done to embrace ethics in AI design and set the stage for data science and AI to create positive advances in the social sector.

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Ethan Zuckerman

Associate Professor and Director of the Digital Public Infrastructure Initiative

University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst )

Ethan Zuckerman is an associate professor of public policy, communication, and information, as well as director of the UMass Institute for Digital Public Infrastructure, focused on reimagining the internet as a tool for civic engagement.

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  • Moderator

Lee Rainie

Former Director, Internet and Technology Research

Pew Research Center

Lee Rainie is the director of internet and technology research at Pew Research Center. Under his leadership, the Center has issued more than 650 reports based on its surveys that examine people’s online activities and the internet’s role in their lives.

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