The Power of Cooperation Driving Data for Social Impact

Multicultural Crowd of People. Group of different men and women. Young, adult and older peole. European, Asian, African and Arabian People. Empty faces. Vector illustration. was founded as a platform for partnerships. We are committed to engaging thinkers, doers, funders, researchers, capacity builders, developers,  and dreamers around the world, across sectors, to work together to build the field of data for social impact.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do.

And today, as we arrive in Switzerland for the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting, we have never been more grateful for the opportunities to collaborate. That’s exactly why we’re heading to Davos—because we never stop looking for new ways and new places in which to connect with others. 

The WEF report released this month, “The Global Cooperation Barometer 2024,” reflects what we know to be true from four years of deep, meaningful collaboration. The report identifies five pillars of cooperation, and two in particular struck a chord with us. 

WEF calls on us to redouble efforts to promote innovation through public and private sector partnerships. Look no further than our Capacity Accelerator Network, a powerful global cross-sector community of interdisciplinary change agents moving the needle on making technology and innovation more accessible. This community is building a more inclusive DSI workforce so that, as the World Economic Forum warns, tech design and development are not increasingly concentrated in fewer hands.  

The report also identifies health and wellness as a key pillar and recommends a redoubling of efforts on pandemic-era cooperation to address chronic health and wellness challenges. The pandemic accelerated our work on this front; it hasn’t slowed down since. From Bogotá to Berlin, our Epiverse collaborative is developing a trustworthy data preparedness ecosystem dedicated to getting ahead of the next public health crisis. This is the future of pandemic response. 

The partners we’ve engaged to date approach our shared work with humility and generosity, and a genuine desire to learn, improve, and share. Every data scientist, social impact practitioner, academic, or community leader we work with,  whether an old hand or a DSI novice, is passionate about finding solutions and making them more inclusive and accessible to the people who need them most. They’re doing exactly the kind of cooperative work that the World Economic Forum says is more important than ever — and so are we. 

So, if you haven’t reached out and connected with us yet, our door is always open, and we’re always looking for new partners to step through it. 

Danil and Perry

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