Organization Type

Social Impact Organization


United States

Community Lattice was founded to advance community development by equipping people with the resources they need to create economically sustainable, socially equitable, and resilient places. Their team offers communities sophisticated yet simple solutions to complex problems with a data-driven and multidisciplinary approach that integrates community relations, environmental and climate risk management, finance, and technology. By leveraging publicly available data and helping clients identify and secure funding resources, Community Lattice makes services accessible and affordable. Community Lattice stands with communities to solve the most critical issues of our time, with practical and affordable strategies rooted in science, data, and compassion for the communities they serve.

In 2021, Community Lattice was named one of eight Inclusive Growth and Recovery Challenge awardees. Community Lattice is incorporating historical brownfields clean-up data in the U.S. with environmental and economic data to create a site cleanup cost model to address the risks associated with brownfield redevelopment. This data and the predictive model is being made available to the public through an online platform. By accurately predicting the cost and risk of brownfield redevelopment projects using machine learning methods, the team seeks to transform a community’s ability to secure redevelopment funding, improve community health, and create economic opportunities.