Gender Data and Climate 

How to Act on the Gender Inequalities Linked to Climate Change

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Actions You Can Take

  • Climate Change’s Gender Impact: Women bear the unequal consequences of climate change, facing extreme weather events that amplify social, financial, and economic disparities. Action is needed to highlight and rectify existing gender inequalities and societal norms.
  • Empower Women through Financial Inclusion: Actively promote women’s financial inclusion as a crucial step in tackling the impacts of climate change. Lack of access to financial resources hinders adaptation to environmental changes. We need to enable women to build resilience by ensuring their financial inclusion in climate-related threats and risks.
  • Address Interconnected Challenges: Take comprehensive action to address the interconnected challenges of gender-based violence and environmental degradation, by tackling both issues simultaneously: empower marginalized groups and promote inclusive decision-making processes globally.
  • Women’s Role in Driving Climate Solutions: We need to recognize and support the significant role women play in environmental justice movements. Women safeguard sustainability, community rights, and resist detrimental industrial practices. It is crucial to enhance female representation in national parliaments for more stringent climate change policies.
  • Protecting Women Environmental Defenders: Urgent action is needed to protect Women Environmental Defenders (WEDs) who risk their lives fighting environmental injustices. It’s imperative to take measures to ensure their safety and address the challenges they face on the front lines of environmental protection every day.
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