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April 11, 20246am PT / 9am ET / 1pm GMT / 6:30pm IST


From Insight to Impact: Gender Data’s Role in Climate Resilience

April 11, 2024 6am PT / 9am ET / 1pm GMT / 6:30pm IST

The effects of the climate crisis are escalating faster than predicted, with severe consequences for health, economic security, and access to resources. Alarmingly, these effects are not felt equally, with women bearing a disproportionate burden.

Gender data holds the power to drive equitable climate policies that can mitigate disparities and enhance lives worldwide. However, many challenges remain, including:

  • How do we responsibly and equitably collect gender data?
  • How can we analyze the data to identify and act on gender inequalities linked to climate
  • How can we use data storytelling to raise awareness and propel impact?
  • How do we empower and equip women to lead data-driven climate solutions?

data.org is celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day and the United Nations theme, Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress, by bringing together gender data experts for a timely discussion on closing gender data gaps and advancing the use of data for and by women. Guided by data.org’s new Gender x Climate Data playbook, this session will provide actionable information, resources, best practices, and impact stories to illustrate what’s possible.


Roberta Evangelista

Sustainability Data Science & Digitalisation Specialist

Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy (BASE)

Roberta Evangelista is a Sustainability Data Science & Digitalisation Specialist with a background in mathematics, neuroscience, and machine learning.

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Chioma Ome

Country Director

Solar Sister

Chioma Ome is the Country Director of Solar Sister Nigeria, she is an enthusiast for organizational growth and sustainability. Leading a country team of clean energy and GESI professionals, Solar Sister Nigeria is successfully supporting over 3500 clean energy entrepreneurs to provide clean energy solutions across 30 states in Nigeria.

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