Data Science for Social Impact in Higher Education:  First Steps

Bola Owomoyela

Multidisciplinary Studies in Cyber Intelligence student who completed the Data Science and AI for All elective at University of Texas San Antonio

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My experience this past summer with DS1001 ‘Data Science and AI for All’ as a free elective was enjoyable. DS-1001 was an introduction to data science and Artificial Intelligence – AI for college students.

I liked that the class was designed for students from all majors, and not just for science and technology-based students only. My topics consisted of Exploratory Data Analysis – EDA, SQL and Databases, Sentinel Analysis, etc. I learned about methods of aggregating data, forming coherent queries, and machine learning programming languages like Python, Jupyter Notebook, and R programming language. I must admit that my two most cherished topics of the four week course were (1.) Exploratory Data Analysis – EDA, and (2.) Data Visualization and Graphs – where I learned how to use graphical expression to represent data.

My takeaway from the course was the assurance that data science and AI skills are promising for all employment backgrounds today, and it is also the future of government, industries, and academics. I am thrilled and most honored to be a recipient of the course completion badge(s) earned as a perk after taking the course which has been added to my resume as one of my 2023 academic achievements.

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