Data Science for Social Impact in Higher Education:  First Steps

J. S.

First Year M.S. Applied Data Science students at Howard University who has engaged with the HELLO BLACK WORLD (HBW) Curriculum

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I used to think coding was for white people and that it was only extremely smart African men who could code as seen in movies. But getting into an HBCU and seeing that all Black people can learn these things has opened my horizon to explore the tech field and I will not limit myself. Especially seeing the achievements of the instructors during the bridge gave me something to look up to… the bridge program boosted my confidence. Seeing the example and lectures showed me that it this something learnable and not far fetched so I got the confidence that I could do it, especially with my instructor’s example on how many times they had to take Python courses before they could learn it. I got the foundations of coding in Python which made it easier learning it again because I had an idea of what I was getting into which has really helped me.

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